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Many people are confused about the difference between the English cream golden retriever and the normal American Golden Retrievers. 

The cream golden or the white golden as many people call it has sparked so many questions online and most probably you are here today to find out something about these sweet cream Golden Retrievers. 

So if you’re here to know whether these European Golden are worth it or not then you’re in the right place. 

In this post, I will share answers to the most frequently asked questions about the English Creams Golden so that you will be well informed. 

Not just that, but I will share some facts and truths about white gold that you should be aware of before you decide to buy or adopt one. 

In the end, I have put together a list of English Golden Retrievers breeders in the United States feel free to check it out. 

Let’s do this…

Question 1: Are English Cream Golden retrievers? 

Answer: Yes, English Cream Golden are Golden Retrievers with a cream or white coat. 

Though the English Creams is a golden Retriever it has a different coat. The coat appears cream or white that’s why most people call them white goldens.

 It is also known as [which is not the official name] the rare white European retriever or a white golden retriever and some breeders call them exquisite platinum imported goldens.

Even with all these fancy names, an English Cream Golden retriever is the same breed as a Golden retriever with a different shade of either white or cream. Most breeders use these fancy names to mislead buyers so that they can charge more for European Goldens compared to what they charge for American golden retrievers.

Question 2: What is the life expectancy of an English cream golden retriever?

The average lifespan of healthy English Golden Retrievers according to research is 12 years 3 months. They have a better life expectancy than the American golden retriever.

Factors that affect the lifespan of English Cream Golden retriever.

  • Obesity is linked to decreased life expectancy in retrievers. This is caused by a poor diet. A new Research conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital found out that an overweight dog has a shorter lifespan. The study indicates that obesity reduces the lifespan of a dog by 2 1/2 years.
  • Cancer [Retrievers suffer four types of cancer which start at age 6 and the risk picks at 10 years. Four types, osteosarcoma, lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, and mast cell tumors — and that the risk for cancer begins to rise when the dogs are six years old. The risk peaks at ages 10 to 12.
English golden retriever mother with puppy

How to improve your English Cream retriever lifespan.

To ensure that your English cream has a better chance of living to their maximum life researchers have suggested some simple hacks that can help improve the dog life expectancy.

1. Exercise

The most successful approach to dealing with overweight and obesity is to provide a comprehensive activity plan for your dog.

Due to the super active nature of the English Cream Golden Retriever, it is recommended that you exercise your dog at least 1-2 hours a day and not less than 4 hours a week. This will ensure perfect health and improve the overall behavior of the dog.

Dog owners that never exercise their dog are putting them at health risk, the risk of developing serious disorders is high in an overweight dog. According to research every added Kg for dogs that are 10year and above has a 19% risk of dying before their full term.

Such risks include but are not limited to reduce life expectancy, cardiorespiratory problems, dermatitis, anesthetic risk, and osteoarthritis. 

A new strategy has been developed to help manage this activity plan for busy dog owners. The busiest dog owner has opted to get a dog sitter to help with exercise and basically engaging the dog during the day.

Exercise ideas for English cream golden retriever

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Dog treadmill
  • Fetch [ Retrievers a good with this kind of games]

Benefits of exercise

Some obvious benefits of exercising an English golden retriever are to improve strength and overall health.

Improve mood and maintain positive behavior. It also improves the bodyweight of your retriever, giving it a well-balanced mass body index.

You don’t want as a dog owner especially the English cream is overweight. Obesity is the number 2 killer of retrievers with cancer taking the first place.

Reduce destructive behavior. An hour of exercise daily will refresh your dog and keep him in a positive mood.

2. Healthy Diet

This goes without saying a healthy diet means a healthy dog. According to research, most retrievers die due to cancer or obesity. It’s highly recommended to check the diet and portions you’re giving your dog.

fully grown english cream golden retriever

Question 3: Personality of English Creams Goldens

Answer: English Cream Goldens are calmer and less active than the American goldens. 

English cream golden retrievers are the ideal family dogs. Due to their friendly, calm, and intelligent nature, they make good pets for families especially families with kids.

They are easy to train and have a sweet personality, that is why they make good pets for new dog owners.

Even though they are active and sweet they are more mellow than the American Golden retrievers.

Top temperament:

  • Sweet
  • Calm
  • People-oriented
  • Confident, and friendly,
  • Social
  • Playful 
  • Very Good with children
  • People pleasers

Question 5: Are English golden retrievers hypoallergenic?

Answer: Unfortunately White Golden retrievers are not hypoallergenic:

Even though the cream golden are among the most favorable dogs for families they are not good for people with serious allergies. White Goldens shed copiously in the spring and fall.

The dander -flakes of dead skin ( this comes out when the dog sheds) are what causes the allergic reaction in people. If you have someone who is allergic you should consider discussing this with your vet before purchasing a pet to avoid serious allergic reactions.

How to maintain the English Cream Golden retriever shedding.

Normal Shedding is a natural process for many healthy English Cream Goldens dogs and cannot be prevented. However, you can manage the fur by maintaining a consistent grooming routine and a healthy diet.

In some cases, thyroid disease or skin allergies can cause an excess shedding among the white goldens.

Do this to keep your house clean and maintain a good healthy happy English Golden retriever.

  1. Create a grooming routine that involves washing and brushing.
  2. Provide a diet that is rich in fatty acids and digestible proteins.
  3. To maintain the seats and curtains use a dog fur remover or cover the seats
  4. Use a fur vacuum cleaner daily, most people opt to use the robot vacuum cleaners. [you can program it and let it do the job]
  5. Use a good carpet cleaner to remove the fur that sticks on the carpet.
  6. If you like driving with your dog use a dog car seat cover to protect your seats.
  7. Ensure a regular vet visit to check for allergies
english cream golden retriever puppy

Hope these tips help you manage and maintain your White Golden retriever healthily coat by keeping it clean.

Question 6: How big do English Cream Golden Retrievers get?

Answer: The average size of an adult English Cream Golden retriever is 22-24 inches tall for males and 20-22 inches tall for females.

With an average weight for males being between 65-75 pounds and females growing to 55-70 pounds.

A lot should be taken into consideration as you determine the size of a cream Golden. Three things you should put into consideration if you recently got yourself an English Cream Puppy,

  • Size of the puppy’s parent.
  • Amount of food they consume per week
  • Pre-existing Health Condition
  • Health Condition of the parent

If your English cream is healthy, came from a big parent, and is in perfect health condition it will grow to its maximum capacity. It’s easy to predict the size of your dog by looking at its parent’s size.

Male-English Cream sizesFemale-English Cream Sizes
Height 22-24 inches20-22 inches
Weight 65-75 Pounds55-70 Pounds
Medium LengthMedium Length
Table showing english Cream average height and weight

You will notice that the English cream will grow faster in his/her early stages, as a puppy he/she will add a couple of pounds a week and then slow down as he/she gets to the adult stage. Check the weight chart here.

Question 7: What is the difference between English Cream and Golden Retriever

Answer: English Creams have a white or cream coat,  relatively shorter coats, and a chiseled head.

Apart from the difference in the color of the coat, the English cream golden and the American golden are quite similar. The major distinctive difference is their coat, head structure, temperament, and color. 

English cream Golden retriever vs American golden retriever

There are several dissecting differences and similarities between the English cream golden retriever and the American Golden retriever. The below table shows in summary differences

English Cream
Golden RetrieverSimilarities
Lifespan12 Years 3 month10-11 years
Colour Lighter shade [cream]Darker shade [gold]
Size Male: 22-24 in. Female: 20-22 inMale: 23-24 in. Female: 21.5-22.5
Cancer rate38%60%
Response to TrainingBoth are easy to train
OriginEuropeAmerican and Canadian
Head Well-chiseled and balancedBroad skull
Eyes Dark brown with dark rimsMedium large dark eyes
Ears Moderately sized earsShort with front edge
Table showing the difference between english cream Goldens and American Golden

Question 8: How does EnglishCream Golden Retriever look like?

Answer: An English cream retriever has a chiseled head, shorter wavy coats with shades of cream, dark brown eyes, and a relative muscular neck see picture below

picture of an english cream golden retriever

Question 9: What is a white golden retriever called?

Answer: A White Golden Retriever has different names, some call them the English Cream Golden, European Retrievers, Cream Goldens, Rare White European Golden Retrievers, or Exquisite Platinum Imported Golden Retrievers. 

Breeders in the past have used these different names to take advantage of buyers by making the English Golden look unique or rare.

This is the main reason why the English Cream golden retriever is more expensive than American Goldens. Even though they are not rare or unique as most puppy mills say the different names have made it easy for the breeders to take advantage of buyers.

Now a healthy English retriever will cost you between $600 to $2500 depending on the breeder and the parent lineage. If the puppy comes from a lineage of champions the cost might be a bit higher than the rest.

Though the White Goldens are not rare their color alone makes them worth it. 

Question 10: What’s the origin or English Cream Golden Retrievers

Answer: According to the Golden Retriever Club of America the English Cream Golden retrievers are bred in North America and some descended from dogs imported from various European countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

This is the list of English Cream Golden retriever breeders in The United States by states.

If you looking to buy or adopt aN English Cream Golden Retriever puppy you can check out this list and find the best English golden retriever breeders near you.

States Breeders
AlabamaWhite Sands English Golden
AlaskaHues Of Gold
ArizonaJaroda Companion Goldens
ArkansasAlabaster Goldens Kennel
CalifoniaNicholberry Goldens
ColoradoGood Gracious Goldens
ConnecticutCT Breeder
DelawareSummer Brook Golden Retrievers
FloridaGolden Cellars
GeorgiaSyrah Goldens
HawaiiKalani Kennels
IdahoCouncil House Goldens
IllinoisBlessed Beginning Puppies
IndianaIndiana Goldens
LowaRed Rock Goldens
KansasStoney Acres Retrievers
KentuckyBreeders of Castle Hill English Cream Golden Retrievers
LouisianaGolden Miracles
MaineSignature Gold Goldens
MarylandPromise Land 
MinnesotaCrane Hollow Goldens
MississippiGolden Miracles
MassachusettsPower Creams
MontanaRoss Fork Retrievers
NebraskaSheridan Gates Puppies
NevadaWisteria Goldens
New HampshireThe Ark
New JerseyIcewind Golden Retriever
New MexicoSweet Cream Goldens
North CarolinaBeloved Goldens
North DakotaGreen River Goldens
OhioTreasure Goldens
OklahomaWhite Diamond Golden Retrievers
OregonOregon Mist Goldens
PennsylvaniaStoney Ridge
​Golden Retrievers
South CarolinaChadwick’s Goldens
South DakotaRed Rock Goldens
TennesseeSouthern Shades Kennel
TexasTexas Cream Golden
UtahPowder mountain puppies
VermontWisteria Goldens
VirginiaGolden Willow Retrievers
WashingtonSweet Cream Goldens
West VirginiaWhite Oak Golden Retrievers
WisconsinHearts OF Gold
WyomingWyoming  Sky Golden retrievers
Table with all breeder in the united state. Find the best golden retriever breeders

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