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about us

Hello welcome to our about us page, and welcome to our blog, retriever pets. My name is Shaddy, my wife and I started this blog to share our journey with pets and share our experience with our readers through a weekly blog post.

My wife and I are very passionate about nutrition for dogs including food and fruits and our desire is to put this experience and passion into written content that someone can pick and use in their own journey.

A lot has been said about dogs and guinea pigs which is our place of interest but we however believe that sharing our real experience with our readers, will help someone out there make better decisions and improve their pet keeping passion. That’s our desire and we hope this blog makes sense to you.

We also have a team of writers that help us in producing content on a weekly schedule. The team is super committed to produce high-level research and compile it into a blog post or a video. The content topics are chosen and given by use.

So why make another blog.

Am glad you asked, this blog serves as a platform for us to document research, experience, and new ideas that we learn through our pet discovery journey. Our commitment to our readers is to provide the best information and inspire, encourage, and equip you with the information/ knowledge that you need to make it better for you.

What kind of content do we share

We share more about Dogs specifically, German shepherds, rottweilers, Retrievers, and a bit of guinea pig on the side. If you wish to learn more about these breeds then your in the right place. Just a disclaimer we don’t consider ourselves expert, we only share what we learn and what we are experiencing in our journey.  

What we post.

We share four types of post in this blog,

  1. Reviews. [ we review pet products and accessories to help you make the right choice as you consider buying them or updating your stock. This reviews comes to inform or blog post or videos. Most of them are what we have used or what we have found best in the market through our research. We only recommend brands and products we trust and allow you to make the right choice.]
  2. Breeds. [ We share the different types of breeds, their personalities, and why you should get one or stay away from one. We also recommend some good site where you can find more information in case we find that that information is provided out there in a better format]
  3. General Knowledge [ In this section we share general knowledge about different pets that we think the public or our readers needs to know about. ]
  4. Food and Fruits [ we share the best dog foods and fruits pets can or cannot eat. ]

We hope to make a difference in this area by offering you the best information to make the best out of your pet journey. 

We also once in a while ask our readers to share some of their challenges or areas they need us to write about. If you have any queries about pets you can feel free to reach us through our contact us page or shoot us an email on shadrameniah@gmail.com.

Take some time and look through our blog post and be sure to give feedback, concerns, or encouragement, we appreciate the feedback. It makes us produce better content and help improve our user experience.

Thank you for joining us.

For more information read our privacy policy on how we protect your comments and information as you reach out to us. To navigate well check out our sitemap.

Shaddy‘ Content developer and blog admin