Can Dogs Eat Apples? [Are Apples Good For Dogs]

can dogs eat apples

Want to know if your dog can eat apples?

In this post, you’ll learn the nutrition benefits of feeding apples to your dogs, what part of the apple is safe for dogs, and by the end of this post, you will have an answer to your question: are apples good for dogs.

Not only that, but I’m also going to share with you how often you should feed apples to your adult dogs, seniors or puppies.

I will also share with you, risks, and situations where you shouldn’t feed your dog apples. This is part of our 85 fruits and vegetables dogs can eat or not eat.

Are you ready, let’s dive in!

Can dogs eat apples? Yes, all dogs including puppies, adults, and seniors can eat a slice of apples without seeds and cores as a treat or snack. However, it should not replace your dog’s normal diet and should only be fed in moderation. Apples are a good source of fiber, Vitamin C, calcium, and other important antioxidants. Apples also contain low calories, which is good for dogs with weight issues.

Nutrition Values of Feeding Dogs Apples

Why should you feed your dog apples? Dogs should get 90% of their calories from their main diet. Leaving 10% which is what should come from treats and daily snacks.

Apples being low calories and mostly water is a good snack or treats to compliment the main diet. The nutritional benefits of a single medium-size apple contain;

  • High Fiber Content
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Low Calories
  • Additional antioxidants
  • Additional benefits: Chewing apples help clean dog teeth and give it a good fresh breath. 

Remember you should only feed apples to your dog in moderation, a lot of apples [because of the high fiber] can cause stomach discomfort what we call Gastroenteritis.

Remember the best apples to give your dogs are the organic or natural ones because the rest might have been sprayed with a lot of pesticides.

can dogs eat apples

How to feed your dog apples in a safe way.

Can dogs eat apples safely? Yes, When you remove the apple seed and core your dog can safely eat a slice of apple. The snack should exceed 10% of the daily calorie intake. Though apples have low calories, the accumulation of calories is not safe.

Considering recent research that shows 38.5% of dogs are classified as overweight with 7.6% being obese. As you feed your dog apples remember to exercise them daily to burn the fat and keep them healthy. 

The best way to feed your dog apples is by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Wash the apple [If possible get the natural apples they are more safe compared to the rest]

Step 2: Peel the apple to remove the outer covering[ peel].

Step 3: Remove all the seeds

Step 4: Remove Cores [the core is not poisonous however its a natural choke hazard for dogs especially puppies]

Quantity of apples that dogs can eat

How many apples can a dog eat? A dog can eat one or two slices of apples a day depending on its weight and exercise. An active healthy dog will not have a problem eating one or two slices of apples a day. However, a dog that is lazy and overweight should not exceed One slice of apple.

Apples have low calories but high energy which is good for active dogs and very bad for lazy dogs. The accumulation of these calories and energy is unhealthy for a dog that doesn’t exercise.

So answering the question of how much apples your dog can eat can only be determined by your assessment of your dog. Keeping in mind that snacks and treats should only be 10% of the daily calorie intake.

If you have no idea how to access or calculate your dog’s health or calorie intake, kindly speak to your vet. 

can dogs eat appl skin

What kind of apples can dogs eat?

There are more than 51 types of apples in the world. Depending on which region you’re in, however, today I am going to cover the main categories of apples which are green and red apples.

Green Apples

Can dogs eat green apples? Yes, dogs can eat green apples just make sure you remove the seed and core before you feed them to your dog. This is because the seed contains cyanide which is unhealthy for your dog.

Green apples have a less sweet flavor, tart tastes more crunchy, and vary from Granny Smith, Ginger Gold, and Crispin/Mutsu.

Red Apples

Can dogs eat red apples? Yes, dogs can eat a slice or two of the red apples be it the Fuji, Kiku, Envy, Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, or the Gala. These are all red apples that dogs can safely eat. Remember too much of something is..bad so be sure to supervise your dog.

Cooked Apples?

Can dogs eat fried apples? The answer is yes, however, cooked apples don’t have the natural vitamins and minerals. It’s recommended to feed your dog natural organic apples as it has the most nutritional value for your dog.

Frozen Apples

Can dogs eat frozen apples? Yes, frozen or dried apples are the go do fruits, especially in summer. Remember to remove the seed and cores before freezing it. Many apple juices contain levels of arsenic which is not safe.

Apple juice

Can dogs eat apple juice? It not advisable to give your dog apple juice and this is why. Either pre-packed or blended apple juice is not good for your dog.

A lot of pre-packed apple juice contains added sugar and preservative which are usually not good for dogs. Another reason why apple juice is not advisable is that a glass of juice will have more calories than a single fresh slice of apple.

Rotten Apples

Can dogs eat rotten apples? No, dogs should not be given rotten apples. When apples go bad they produce alcohol content which is dangerous in dogs.

If your dog ate rotten apples they will experience some stomach upset which will result in excess excitement or lack of energy and vomiting. 

Apple Skin

Can dogs eat apple skin? It is advisable to peel the apple before feeding it to your dog. However, some research shows that the apple skin contains phytonutrients which are a chemical that support the fruit to remain healthy.

can dogs eat apples

How often should dogs eat apples?

Can dogs eat apples every day? Yes, dogs can eat apples every day provided that they take it in moderation and have a quick exercise before the end of the day.

To prevent your dog from being overweight or have excess energy that is destructive it is advisable to exercise your dog at lead 1hour a day after taking apples. This is because apples have a lot of energy and fiber.

Can A Pregnant Dog eat apples?

Can dogs eat apples while pregnant? Yes, it’s safe to feed your pregnant dog some apples especially in its first few weeks of pregnancy. Apples contain vitamin C, calcium, and high fiber which is good for dogs.

It is recommended that your pregnant dog should be put in puppy food formulae which is more healthy than adult food.

Can a diabetic dog eat apples?

It depends, a diabetic dog can easily take a slice of two apples, however, you should never give your diabetic dog pre-packed apple juice.

Most of this apple juice has added sugar which is not healthy for your diabetic dog.

Diabetic dogs should be put on a low sugar diet. Preferable natural organic foods.

Can dogs with liver disease eat apples?

Dog with liver diseases can eat a slice of apple without the seeds and the cores. The best apples are those that are natural and organic preferable straight from the fam.

Apples supply a good complementary diet to these dogs because of their high energy and low calories the dog remains active and healthy.

Dogs with kidney problems require a kidney-friendly formulated diet which can help improve the quality of your dog’s life.

Can dogs eat apples for constipation?

Most dogs will experience or have some issues of constipation this is due to low fiber. Vets have recommended adding a high fiber diet in dogs that are experiencing constipation.

This is where apples come in, apple has a good amount of fiber and water which is good for dogs experiencing constipation. Remember to remove the seed and cores to make the apple more chewable.

can dogs eat apples

Are apples toxic to dogs?

There are some parts of the apple that are not healthy for your dog. The skin, the core, and the seed are harmful and should not be given to your dog.

When your dog consumes either the seed, the core, or even a lot of apples they will develop Gastroenteritis which is uncomfortable to dogs.

The seeds also contain a small amount of cyanide which is a chemical that is produced when the dog chews the appl. They might not kill your dog but will cause some stomach upset.

Rotten apples on the other hand might cause some serious harm to your dog. Kindly visit a vet in case your dog develops some serious vomiting, loss of energy, or lack of balance. These are some symptoms of alcohol that is produced by rotten apples.

Final Thoughts: Are apples bad for dogs

Now that you know that apples are not poisonous for dog am sure your ready to treat your dog with some slice today. As you look forward to putting together a daily diet for your dog remember the dog calorie intake should be a 90/10 percentage.

Where 90% of the calorie intake comes from the dog’s main diet and 10% is supplemented by treats such as a slice of apple.

All dogs including Golden Retrievers, Maltese, Labrador retrievers, Boxers, Yorkies German shepherds, huskies, chihuahuas, Rottweilers, and others can safely eat apples in moderation.

You can see others see the 85 fruits and vegetables dogs can eat safely without a problem here. This list also contains some human food dogs can eat.

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