Can you shave a golden retriever? The answer may surprise you!

Can You Shave A Golden Retriever

There is no doubt in saying that golden retrievers are one of the best animals. They look amazing and the best thing is they are very easy to train. Apart from all these qualities of golden retrievers, another main thing that sets them apart from other breeds is their hair.

Golden retrievers’ hairs are very luscious and thick and due to this, most people that own them have confusion about whether they should shave them or not. The question we want to answer today in this article is Can You Shave A Golden Retriever?

Not only this but there are many other questions that most people ask regarding shaving golden retrievers. So if you also have these types of questions, then this article will provide you all the important information.

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Can you shave a golden retriever?. Well, you should not shave a golden retriever and there are many reasons behind it. Golden retrievers are double-coated dogs, which means they have two different layers of fur. The fur protects them both in summer and winter.

The top layer is known as an overcoat and is like a tough guard while the bottom layer, called the undercoat is a thick layer that helps in managing the temperature.

Most people think of shaving their golden retrievers in summer to keep them cool and fresh. But is it healthy for golden retrievers?

The answer is no because these fur layers function as natural insulation, which means they keep the retriever cool in summers and warm in winters.

And if you shave them, then it would put your retriever’s health in danger. In dogs, the sweating takes place through the pads and it is nowhere related to the hairs.

The overcoat of golden retriever protects it from different weather conditions and if you shave it, then it will expose its skin to different harmful elements.

Apart from this, the overcoat also keeps the dust and debris away from the retriever, which makes them easy to clean. Though you should groom your golden retriever regularly to keep them well-maintained.

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Golden retrievers shed off their hairs in the fall season and due to this, there will spread a lot of unwanted hairs in your house.

So to handle the excessive hair, you should make a grooming schedule for your golden retriever. Brush your retriever’s fur regularly as it will remove the extra hairs and keep your retriever away from irritants. You can find the best brush on a budget on Amazon.

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Will My Golden Retriever’s Hair Grow Back After Being Shaved?

Yes, just like any other dog breed, the hairs of your golden retriever will also grow back but there is no guarantee that they will grow as they were before shaving.

It could be of slightly different colors or even different textures. Though many dogs’ hair grows perfectly normal there are also cases where the dogs’ hair never grew back the same after being shaved.

So if you have mistakenly shaved your golden retriever’s hair, then you should be very careful. As you know that the overcoat protects them from heat, so if you have shaved the hairs, then make sure the retriever is not going in the sun or at least use a good quality sunscreen to protect their skin from getting in direct contact with the sun.

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Is it OK To Shave A Golden Retriever?

Being a double-coated dog breed, golden retrievers use their furs for different purposes and it is not okay to shave them.

As you know, golden retrievers have long and thick hairs, so people in warmer areas tend to think that the extreme heat will overheat their dog and harm their body.

And to deal with this, they think of the most obvious solution which is shaving the dog’s hair. The problem is that instead of doing good, this solution can create a lot of problems for the retriever.

The fur of the golden retriever protects them from external elements and regulates their body temperature. By shaving their fur, you will disturb their natural fur shedding cycle, which can cause different issues in their body.

The only scenario in which you should be shaving a golden retriever’s hair is if it has any kind of skin condition or in severe cases of matting. Other than these, it is not okay to shave a golden retriever.

What Happens If I Shave My Golden Retriever?

It doesn’t matter for what reason you are shaving your golden retriever, it will put some negative effects on its body. However, if your retriever has some skin issues, then you may shave it but if you are thinking about shaving your retriever without any reason, then here are some things that might happen:

Increases Risk Of Skin Cancer

The top layer, also called overcoat plays a major role in protecting the golden retriever from harmful UV rays and bug bites. If this layer is removed, then they’re no is protection for your retriever, which can put them under an increased risk of sunburn or skin cancer.

Can You Shave A Golden Retriever

Exposed To Allergies

Some people shave their retrievers to protect them from different bacteria. But shaving can increase the chance of allergies because the coat of the retrievers keeps the bacteria from reaching the skin.

And if there is no coat to stop the bacteria, then your dog will be fully exposed to different irritants.

What Happens To Shaved Golden Retriever?

A shaved golden retriever is always prone to different diseases and problems. A shaved retriever will catch more heat because it does not have the insulation to regulate the temperature.

If you are thinking that shaving the retriever’s hair will stop the shedding, then you are highly mistaken. Shaving only exposes the retriever to different health problems.

Apart from this, a shaved golden retriever may lose its ability to grow its top layer back. However, the undercoat will grow but if the retriever is old, then he may face problems in getting the overcoat back.


Golden retrievers are double-coated dogs and their coats help them in a lot of different things. And shaving their fur can put them in deep trouble, that’s why you should avoid shaving them.

Though if your retriever has a skin condition, then you should first consult a vet, then take any decision. Hope this article will provide you with some valuable information.

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