Best Chocolate Brown Labradoodle Puppy: What to Expect

Chocolate Brown Labradoodle puppy

Chocolate Brown Labradoodle Puppy is a pretty unique and beautiful breed. They are actually a special type of Labradoodle with a luxurious and fascinating dark brown coat. A chocolate brown labradoodle puppy can be of standard, medium height or you could choose the miniature version. Those puppies are really popular as a family pet, thanks to their friendly, patient, and vivid temperament. They get on well with children and they can easily become your most precious life companion. So, what are the characteristics of this unique breed?

Characteristics And Genetics

A mix between a Labrador and a brown Poodle will normally give us a chocolate brown labradoodle puppy. Most Labradoodles weigh about 60Ibs and have a dark wavy, brown coat. Both the Labrador and the Standard Poodle are among the most popular dogs in the US and around the world, in general.

Two pairs of genes determine the coat color in most dogs. Chocolate brown may not be that usual, as black, but a lot of dogs, including Labradoodles, carry the genetic instructions needed to create a dark brown fur. It is quite astonishing that even two black dogs can give birth to a chocolate brown descendant.

Most brown Labradoodles come in a standard size. They weigh about 60Ibs and their height can range between 21-24 inches. Then, there is the medium-sized puppy that will normally reach up to 20 inches in height and his weight will be about 30-40Ibs. The miniature version is actually quite smaller and it consists of a 15-inch tall puppy that weighs only 20 pounds on average.

Temperament Of A Chocolate Brown Labradoodle Puppy

As we may well understand, a labradoodle puppy will be highly influenced by the temperament of both parents. In our case, a brown labradoodle newbie will share traits with both his Labrador and Standard Poodle parents. Labradors are known for their energetic nature, their vivacity, and friendly temperament. They are excellent sporting fellows, they like to spend their days outdoors and they take part in various activities, like swimming, riding, hiking and running.

A labradoodle puppy will most probably, share those traits. Labradoodles are by nature, really energetic, playful, active, and quite strong. That makes them the perfect service dog, and they are naturally exceptional candidates for hunting, and farm jobs. Apart from that, they are excellent seeing-eye dogs and many owners train them from a young age to develop their attentive and guiding nature even more.

Just like their Labrador parent, Labradoodles are easy to train pets and they require frequent interaction. Lots of activity should be provided to those puppies from a young age, otherwise, you run the risk of their developing bad habit, like chewing on your favorite things. Labradoodles are attentive and they wish to see their owner happy and pleased with their behavior. They are quite patient animals, as well. You will rarely see your Labradoodle getting pissed over a certain behavior or even getting annoyed.

The Standard poodle parent has also, played its role in the development of a young Labradoodle’s character. Although Labradoodles are typically quite sociable and outgoing, they can be somewhat reserved around strangers. That is a common characteristic between poodles and the only way of dealing with it effectively is through socialization. A poodle is among the most intelligent breeds out there. Thankfully, that characteristic is inherited to the labradoodle puppy, as well. Chocolate brown Labradoodles are quick learners, they love challenging games and they respond eagerly to positive training.

Influenced by both parents, a Labradoodle can easily feel lonely or bored if you live him for a long time alone at home. They can even suffer from separation anxiety or get emotionally upset if you do not pay them sufficient attention. That is why Labradoodles are the perfect family dog; they love companionship and they wish to be part of a large family. Their ability to get on well with others, including pets, adults, and small children makes them ideal for every type of family.

Health Condition

The health issues a dog may suffer from in the future depends mostly on the health condition and genetics of his parents. If your chocolate Labradoodle is bred from a purebred Poodle and a purebred Labrador, then he will most probably be a strong and very healthy individual. In each case, a labradoodle may suffer from some health issues commonly found between his parents. Such problems are hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and rarely cardiac problems.

Is The Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy Right For You?

Chocolate brown Labradoodles are an excellent choice if you wish to bring some action and energy into your life. Their lovely temperament, easy to train nature and affectionate spirit makes them the ideal family pet. Moreover, brown Labradoodles are also, referred to as hypoallergenic. Their thick, curly brown fur makes those dogs less likely to shed compared to other types of breeds.

That is an extra benefit if you live with toddlers or people suffering from respiratory issues. However, although Labradoodles get on pretty well with both humans and animals, their boisterous nature may be quite difficult for families with very young children or overly sensitive pets.

Labradoodles are also, a great companion dog for individuals wishing to get some help in activities, including hunting, difficult farm jobs, and similar service tasks. Their attentive, intelligent, and energetic nature are some great traits that can rarely be found together in other breeds.

Overall, getting a chocolate brown labradoodle puppy can be a life-changing experience. Those cute little doggies are an excellent companion and they share some really impressive traits. Their good-natured temperament, easy to train behavior, and playful nature make this particular breed loveable and precious.

Their unique dark brown color coat distinguishes them from other types of Labradoodles and promises to catch everyone’s eye when you walk with them outside. Most importantly, brown Labradoodles are extremely cute creatures, always willing to satisfy their owners and ready to listen to their every demand.

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