Do Australian Shepherds Need Haircuts? [Grooming Guide]

Do Australian Shepherds Need Haircuts?

Australian Shepherds do not require haircuts unless prescribed by a veterinarian or to prevent skin diseases. Aussie coats are made to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

However, you can trim the hair around your ears, feet, and legs. If you decide to give your Australian Shepherd a haircut, it is critical that you do so carefully and with the proper trimming tools.

According to K9 Rocks, a cattle dog mix breed can have a double coat, which is unique to this mix breed, as a result, they may not require regular grooming.

Coat Characteristics

The coat of an Australian shepherd is two-layered, with a dense undercoat and a soft outside coat. The exterior coat can be any color, including brown, red, white, or black.

Fawn (brown), crimson, blue, merle (white), or black are the most prevalent colors. This thick undercoat protects them from harsh sun rays, wind, and rain during the summer months, while they are outside playing with their owners or competing in agility events.

Fleas, ticks, and other pests that could cause pain should be checked on the coat.

Grooming Requirements

Australian Shepherds must be carefully groomed to maintain their health and appearance. 

Their long coats are prone to mats and tangles.

Brushing them with a soft bristle brush or a rubber curry comb once or twice a week might help prevent this. 

Brushing the dog’s coat using a medium-soft brush on a regular basis will help remove loose hairs and filth.

Another approach is to use a rake comb or wide-tooth comb and pin brush to remove dead hair and knots from skin folds.

Aussie’s puppy receives his first haircut.

Breeders think that in order to give the puppies the best chance of having a healthy coat and excellent health, they should get their first haircut at a certain age.

Early grooming and trimming of Aussie puppies was once done to help them come to terms with it as a normal part of life. 

Typically, the puppy gets its first haircut when it is between ten and fourteen weeks old.

When does an Australian require a haircut?

When selecting whether or not to shave your Australian Shepherd’s hair, there are a few factors to consider:

  • The weather: If you live in a hot region, you may need to give your dog a haircut to help them stay cool.
  • Time Management: How much time are you willing to devote to grooming your dog If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and detangling their fur, a haircut can be the best alternative.
  • Skin and coat health in your dog: A haircut may help ease some of the symptoms of your dog’s skin issues, such as allergies or hot spots.If you wish to cut your Aussie’s hair short, consult with your veterinarian first to rule out any potential health risks.
  • Right Grooming Tools: Trimming your Aussie’s coat is straightforward if you have the correct grooming tools. You’ll need a good pair of scissorsclippers, and a slicker brush to begin.

We recommend the Andis Super AGR+ clippers, which are created exclusively for dogs. Before you begin trimming, you’ll also need a slicker brush to help untangle your dog’s coat. Simply brush through the coat to untangle it.

Then, with the scissors, trim any extra hair.

Trimming an Australian Shepherd should always begin with the legs and progress to the body.

Trim the hair around the ears and neck area to around 1/2 inch long so that it does not get stuck on anything and give irritation or suffering to your shepherd dog!

To avoid causing irritation, you should take care not to cut too near to the skin. 

Except when it becomes too long or tangles easily, the beard shouldn’t be cut close to the mouth.

Different Haircut Styles for Australians

  1. The Minimal Trim
  2. Teddy Cut
  3. Sanitary Trim
  4. Simba Style

The Minimal Trim

The minimal trim, also known as a “natural” trim, is shorter and leaves the coat long and flowing. 

Popularity of this style can be attributed to its ease of maintenance.

A portion of the dog’s coat is also left untouched, which can aid in weather protection.

Minimal trimming is ideal for dogs who live in extremely cold temperatures and do not participate in intensive sports on a regular basis.

Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Cut is a popular option for Australian Shepherds. 

It entails shaving the body to a short, even length.

A teddy bear cut is ideal for dogs living in hot climates because it keeps them cool. 

It is also a low-maintenance alternative because there is no need to cut or shape the hair.

Simba Style

The Simba style is another popular option. 

The hair on the head and face is left long, while the hair on the body is shaved to a lesser length.

This style is called after Simba from The Lion King, and it is appropriate for dogs who need to appear regal and dignified. 

It is also an excellent solution for dogs with long hair because it prevents matting and knots.

Sanitary Trim

Sanitary trimming entails shaving the hair surrounding the anus and genitals short to maintain the surrounding clean and debris-free.

It is a fantastic option for all dogs, but especially for those that live in unclean or dusty situations.

It is also a wonderful option for Aussies who are prone to having their anal glands expressed because it keeps them from becoming affected.

Why is a haircut not recommended for Australian Shepherds?

  1. One of the main reasons why haircuts are not recommended for Australian Shepherds is that they might cause health issues, as we explained in this case with Silver labs. The dog may experience a great deal of pain and agony if the haircut is not done correctly. A haircut may occasionally cause a bacterial infection.
  2. Another factor is that for Australians, getting a haircut may be a really stressful event.Due to their high level of sensitivity, dogs can feel significant trauma when having their fur trimmed.
  3. Last but not least, Australian Shepherd haircuts can be fairly pricey. You may easily spend a lot of money on a needless haircut if you are not careful.

Is it appropriate to shave Australian Shepherds’ hair?

It is not advised to cut the hair of Australian Shepherds.

Their coat protects them from the environment and keeps them cool in the summer heat. 

Shearing destroys this natural protection, leaving them vulnerable to heat and cold.

It is ultimately up to you whether or not to clip your Australian Shepherd’s hair. If you are prepared to brush and care for their fur, they will not require a haircut.

However, if you do not have the time or if your dog has any health issues, a haircut may be the best alternative.



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