4 Best Ways To Make Your Golden Retrievers Good With Cats

Golden retrievers are the archetype of the obedient, lovable family dog that gets along with the entire family. And that would usually include the feline members as well.

In fact, because of the social nature of golden retrievers, it’s ubiquitous to see them doing a bunch of things with cats – licking and grooming one another, playing with pet toys together, and sleeping next to each other on the dog bed.

Unlike German shepherds and cats do Golden Retriever get along with cats?

So are golden retrievers good with cats? Yes, they are. But as with most sociable types of pets, it helps to steer them along towards a lasting friendship by following a few tips.


Golden Retrievers are known to be friendly dogs and are very intelligent. Most tend to get along well with kids, other pets, and the rest of your family members.

Moreover, English golden retrievers like to cuddle, they aim to please their owners and are quite easy to train.

They are gentle even with creatures that are smaller than them and therefore can get along with cats.

However, being overly friendly and playful can be misconstrued as a threat by the cat.

Especially if they keep getting approached and chased by the canine who only wants to play.

As a good owner, it’s your job to reinforce positive behavior in your pets. Although your cat and golden retriever can get along with no intervention on your part.

By playing an active role in socializing and training your dog, you increase the chances of that happening. That being said, what are steps you can take to foster good personalities in your pets? Below we’ll take a look at some of them.

Encourage good interaction?

While it’s perfectly natural to expect good behavior from your pets, sometimes a firm ‘no’ may not be enough. So when your golden retriever is doing something contrary to what you want, you can use various tools to discourage it.

A good example is using a leash and supervising the interaction between your cat and golden retriever. If your dog gets over-excited or over-eager at meeting its new friend, a gentle tug to pull him away will avoid a potential confrontation.

You can find some good affordable dog leash on Amazon this is the one we recommend.

You want to encourage good interaction in the beginning, so they don’t start off the relationship on the wrong ‘paw’ so to speak.

It also helps to prevent specific scenarios. Cats can get defensive and use their claws when scared. So trim their nails using a cat nail trimmer, beforehand to avoid serious injuries. Using pet barriers or fences is also helpful.

You want to assess their initial communication, and restrictions allow them to do so without the dangers of biting or clawing.

Also, when they do get along and show good behavior, reward them with treats to reinforce their positive attitude. When you ask yourself, are golden retrievers good with cats?

The answer lies heavily on how they are introduced. Making sure you do everything you can to make the process smooth is key to them getting along.

How long does it take for my Golden retriever to interact with my cat?

Encouraging your pets to coexist doesn’t mean forcing them to do it according to your schedule. You need to be patient and know that each pet will have its own personality.

A cat might be overly terrified or aggressive towards another pet. Or the dog might be too playful and continuously chase the cat – oblivious that the feline doesn’t want to return the attention.

Mini golden retrievers also tend to get along better with younger cats. This is not to say that they won’t get along if one or the other is older.

But pets are more open to new connections at a younger age. They are likely to be less territorial since they’re still adjusting to their surroundings.

Giving them ample space will allow them to observe one another from a safe distance. They get to smell and hear the other furry family member without the hissing or barking. Scheduling their meal-time is also important.

Keep it separate and feed at different times. You don’t want them to fight because one is being over-protective of their food.

Doing the above for a couple of days to a few weeks helps them get used to the other’s scent and behavior. And when you finally get them close, they’re more inclined to tolerate their new friend.

Can training make a difference to make my golden retriever good with cats

Golden retrievers are smart animals. They can follow commands well and are quite obedient. Owing to that, training your golden retriever to coexist with a cat would be easier when compared to some other dog breeds.

Owners can train their golden retrievers to respect their feline companions, by either telling them not to bark for no reason or stop chasing the cat if it seems it doesn’t want to play.

Doing this will encourage the cat to feel more relaxed whenever the dog is around. And eventually, help it befriend the cat. If you don’t know where to start you can pick a copy of a book on Amazon that shows step by step how to do it. Don’t feel pressure it takes time.

When training, recognize the needs of the two different species. A cat might want to sleep when the dog wants to play. Training a golden retriever to expect to run and play on certain times of the day will allow you to predict their behavior.

You can more or less ‘control’ what happens depending on the personality of your pets. Discourage or encourage good and bad behavior when appropriate.

Consequently, you’ll find how well they are trained and how often then spend time together will make a big difference. There are lots of happy owners that have golden retrievers and cats together like lifelong friends.

And with a golden retriever having good breed traits, there is a high chance of that happening. Perseverance and patience win the day!

Conclusion: Are Golden Retrievers Good with Cats?

New pet owners are always anxious about how the current pet will interact with the new one. But are golden retrievers good with cats in the same household? Yes, there are.

If you treat them with love and respect, in addition to using the above tips, then your pet would follow you by example.

So train them well, and you can definitely have a golden retriever and cat cohabiting happily together.

Let us know on the comment what are some of the challenges you have encountered training you’re golden to work with your cat. Otherwise have a lovely time with your pets.

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