Silver Labrador Lifespan

Silver Labs are friendly, joyful, and extremely lively pets.

They have an awesome temperament, are Ideal for active homes, and great family companions. Silver labradors can get on pretty well with both humans and other animals.

They are generally, healthy animals and as it happens with every type of labrador, they are a well-structured breed. So,

How long do silver labs live? Well, the average lifespan of a silver lab is typically about 11-12 years of age. However, the exact lifespan may vary depending on genetic reasons and a possible predisposition to health issues.

Silver labs health and lifespan

The average lifespan of a sliver lab is typically 11-12 years. However, in many cases, the range is a bit broader, and a silver labrador can live happily for up to 15 years.

During all those life years, a silver labrador may normally suffer from a series of health issues that are quite common among the labrador breed.

The most common health issue is hip and elbow dysplasia. Which is common to most of the Labrador family. That term is used to describe the abnormal development in the lab’s elbow and hip joints.

It is usually a mild health issue that can be dealt with with proper medication, but in some cases, even surgery may be needed.

Silver Labrador Lifespan-puppies

Another quite common health issue of a silver lab is called patella luxation. This is a situation when the lab’s kneecap moves out of its normal place and the knee becomes unable to extend.

However, despite those health issues, it is true that silver labs are generally, healthier and less prone to illnesses and other types of disabilities compared to other breeds. Another interesting fact is that the rate of cancer among silver labs is quite higher compared to other breeds.

Color dilution alopecia

The special characteristic of silver labradors is undoubtedly their grey-silver coat color and their blue eyes. This color is controlled by a specific gene, named the ”D gene”.

Big D produces a full-strength and deep coat color, while a little D produces a somewhat dilute color. Overall, the color dilution gene, symbolized as dd has been associated with some coat problems that can damage your pet’s health.

That health issue is mostly referred to as a mild hair loss, but in some cases, things can get worse. Apart from hair loss, some itchy skin may also, appear in some dogs.

Color dilution alopecia is rarely a life-threatening health issue, but it is still not curable. An infection in the hair follicles may damage the lab’s health and make your beloved dog more susceptible to other types of infections.

So, the answer to the question, ”how long do silver labs live?” depends a lot on the existence of this gene, as well.

A silver lab’s lifespan resembles that of any labrador

Some people think that the different colors of a silver lab will make it more susceptible to illnesses compared to the most common labradors.

That is not true, however. Health issues, like eye problems, cataracts, retina dysplasia, epilepsy, and neurological issues have the same chance of making their appearance in a silver dog, as in every other type of labrador. Silver labs are by nature, quite hungry dogs.

Their stomach is not that sensitive as it is the case with many other breeds, and their digestive tract is actually quite rocking solid. For this reason, they run the risk of being more prone to getting some extra weight and developing obesity at a young age.

Obesity is actually a risk factor for both humans and animals and since it can decrease the lifespan of both genres, it is vital that owners take care of their pet’s dietary habits from the very start.

Silver labs are typically healthy creatures and have a solid immune system. They may suffer from the same health issues that can affect labradors and dogs, in general, but most of those issues are not fatal. Therefore, their life span ranges between 11-15 years.

Their unique color coat that’s associated with the presence of a specific gene may be the cause of a special condition, known as color dilution alopecia, but this condition is rarely fatal, as well. In every case, the owner of a silver lab should take good care of his health and ensure that his dog lives under good conditions and follows a satisfactory dietary plan.

How to Take Care of your Silver Labrador

Generally, most pet owners know how to take care of their pets. But if you need some quick tips to help you improve the way you’re taking care of you, here is a short list of things you can do today.

Proper grooming

Sounds obvious but it’s not, grooming your dog properly will help minimize some minor health issues such as infections and skin disease.

Wondering what to do, you can pick a grooming kit on Amazon and start right away to take care of your silver lab. Make sure you bath your dog regularly, clean the ear, and cut the nails properly. This practice will help improve the overall health of your silver lab and give the dog a chance to live longer.

Proper diet.

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise, a proper diet helps your dog stay healthy and stronger. If you’re not sure which diet to give your dog check with your vet or visit a pet food store near you. If you’re an online shopper find something on Amazon or Ebay whichever works for you, be sure to check the reviews and ratings before you purchase.

Proper Exercise

Hey! don’t just feed your dog and let it sleep, find creative ways of keeping them busy. Exercise helps a lot to keep your silver lab strong and healthy. I suggest you do a regular walk or house exercise or even create a playground in your backyard.

Trust me labrador are very energetic keeping them indoors all day is not good for them. Go out and play catch, do a hike together, jump rope, or something just does let them be lazy.

Final thoughts: Silver labs live or lifespan

There you go, these are three practical things you can do to help your silver lab live longer.

Please let us know on the comment below how you plan to take care of your silver lab, is there something we should include on this list. We love to keep you all updated with every information about the retriever family. Stay safe and help your silver labs live longer

Have fun friends.

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