why own label-7 reason to own a lab

So you’re thinking of getting a new dog and you’ve searched through the list of dog breeds and you’ve narrowed your choices down to a Labrador and possibly a few others.

You can stop searching because you should definitely get a Lab! There are so many reasons to buy a Lab that the list is practically endless!

However, below you’ll find the top 7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Labrador Dog so that you can stop researching and get out there to buy your adorable Labrador puppy!

1. Their Personality

One of the main reasons to buy a Lab is their amazing personality. Labrador Retrievers are goofy pups that love to roll around, play and make you laugh. It seems that the more you laugh the happier and goofier they become.

They’re extremely friendly dogs and will become best friends with you and everyone you know within minutes of the meeting.

All it takes is a good head scratch, a little treat, and a knee to rest their adorable heads on and they’ll be staring at you with love in their eyes for years to come.

2.Their Overflowing Love

7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Labrador Dog

Labradors are just overflowing with love! They have so much love to go around. If you’re having a bad day, your Lab will be there to give you some sloppy wet kisses.

They’re great cuddlers and love nothing more than to have you hug them. Some Labs can even be trained to hug you back! They’re a super playful dog breed and as mentioned above, love making you smile.

Everywhere you go your Lab is sure to follow you. A trip to the bathroom? They’ll be waiting by the door when you get out.

A trip into town? They’d love to tag along. A hiking expedition into the bush? They’ll be waiting at the back door for you to put on your shoes with their leash in their mouth. Anywhere you go, you can take your Lab.

If you’re looking for a dog that showers you in love and makes you feel special then a Lab is the perfect dog for you.

3. They’re Fantastic Family Dog’s

The way they’ll interact with your family is another great reason to buy a Lab. It doesn’t matter if you have a young child or an elderly parent staying with you, your Lab will love them all.

They’re very gentle and can be easily taught not to play rough. This makes them great dogs to have around small children. They’re also not pushy so they won’t knock your child (or your elderly parent) over in a rush to get from one side of the yard to the other.

Their gentle nature also makes them great dogs for anyone with a disability. Their energy levels will probably outlast your child’s so you can send your dog and your child outside to play and both will come in happy and ready for a long nap.

7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Labrador Dog

Labradors aren’t just great with other people. One of the best reasons to buy a Lab is because they get along great with all of your four-legged friends. If you already have a dog then your new Labrador will get along with them well.

At the same time, if you’re ever thinking about getting another dog, having a Lab already makes the process of adding a second dog a lot easier.

They also get along with cats. Even if you have a bird, goats, chickens, horses, or any other species of pet they’ll probably make friends with them quickly.

4.They’re Energetic and Athletic

If you’re energetic and you love to get out and exercise or explore than a Lab is a right dog for you.

They’ll tag along on all of your adventures whether it be a hike in the woods, a swim at the beach, a jog through the park, or a bike ride along your favorite trail.

If you’re going they’ll be there and if they get to move, they’ll love it even more.

If you’re not already a highly active person but you want to be, a Lab is a perfect dog to get you moving.

Their energy levels aren’t so high that you need to go out running with them every day; however, they will get you up and moving off of your couch for a nice walk.

7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Labrador Dog

If your adorable Lab comes up to you with a leash in his mouth and his head on your knee you won’t be able to say no and you’ll be up and moving in no time which is great for you and your dog.

Their love for movement and their enthusiasm for getting outdoors is definitely contagious.

They’re also great athletes in their own right. They’re great dogs if you want to get into Obedience trials or field trials. If you’re into hunting they’re great companions and make excellent retrieval dogs for birds and the small game you’ve shot down.

They don’t call them Labrador Retrievers for anything! They’re also great tracking dogs and will enjoy learning agility training if this is a sport that you want to get into.

5.They’re Intelligent

Labs are very easy to train. Despite their goofy nature, they’re actually very intelligent which means that they pick up on new commands easily.

Their desire to please you is probably what makes them so easy to train. When a dog is motivated to see you happy then they’ll learn just about anything in order to hear that enthusiastic “Good dog!”.

They also have a large learning vocabulary which means they can learn a lot of commands and remember them. You aren’t stuck with “sit” and “come” with this breed of dog.

If you ever wanted to have a dog that can fetch your newspaper or grab you a pair of socks out of your drawer, Labs are the ones to do it. Just don’t try to train them to grab you a sandwich out of the fridge because a Labrador’s appetite is never-ending!

6.Physical Traits

There are a lot of physical traits that Labrador retrievers possess that make them the perfect dog for just about anybody. First off, Lab’s tend to have very low grooming needs.

That’s not to say that they don’t shed; however, you’ll find that they tend not to shed as much. Because Lab’s have a short coat they don’t need to go to a groomer to get a haircut and their hair doesn’t get matted and gnarled.

All they need is a quick brush; which is a great opportunity to bond with your pup, and a bath every now and again to wash away the dirt.

Labs are also extremely healthy dogs. They tend not to have any genetic health problems than other breeds can get such as being prone to bloat, joint pain, or hip dysplasia.

The only thing that Labs are prone to be becoming overweight and this can be easily controlled by making use of their natural energy levels, their desire to play, and making sure that they don’t have an all you can eat buffet.

Not only are Lab’s a healthy breed, but they also live longer than a lot of breeds.

The average lifespan for a Labrador is 12 years. A lot of other breeds only live to 7-8 years. That’s a lot of extra years of love that a Lab can bring to your life.

Labrador retriever

In the size department Labs are like the Goldilocks of dog breeds. They’re not too big, they’re not too small, they’re just right. Between males and females (with females being on the smaller side of the spectrum) Labs average 22-24″ high and only 55-75 lbs.

This makes them perfect for just about anybody as they’re too small to take up a lot of room and get in the way; but, they’re also big enough to be able to keep up with you on your adventures.

 It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold where you live. Labradors are perfect in any climate. They also tend to be quieter than your average dog. Every dog barks, no matter the breed; but Lab’s don’t bark as loud, as often or as persistently.


Labrador retrievers aren’t expensive dogs to buy. They have a low adoption cost and even if you’re buying one from a breeder they’ll cost you far less than other dog breeds.

Because they have very few health problems you won’t have to pay a fortune in vet bills to keep your Labrador healthy. Just an annual visit for their shots, some flea and tick meds, and your dog will stay in tip-top shape while leaving your wallet nice and fat.

They also save you money on food bills. They are not picky eaters. At all. Labradors will eat practically anything. Because they’re not prone to allergies and they don’t have health problems you don’t have to search for specialty dog food.

They’ll thrive on pretty much anything you give them. Just make sure the food you choose has good quality meat as the first ingredient and isn’t full of filler such as corn and you’ll have a happy healthy dog for years to come.

Conclusion: 7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Labrador Dog

So there you have it. The top 7 reasons to buy a Lab! Whether you choose to get one for their love, their personality, their great physical traits, their athleticism, their inexpensive care, what they add to your family or their intelligence, you’ll be happy that you chose a Labrador Retriever as your new dog!

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