Do silver lab keep their blue eyes

Do silver labs keep their blue eyes [ Amazing Facts about the Silver Labs ]

When silver lab puppies are born, they have blue eyes.

Does silver lab keep their blue eyes?

No, the blue color does not last forever. The more they grow, the more their eyes turn brown. It is only on very few occasions that some puppies maintain the blue color in their eyes.

Silver Labs have a silver-grey-blue coat that distinguishes them from other labs. However, they have some similarities with other labs, including their energetic, loving, protective, and intelligent nature.

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Silver Lab as a Good Family Dog

A silver lab is a great family dog since it is full of enthusiasm and makes a great outdoor companion. It enjoys cuddling as it helps it to bond with the family, and it can dissipate heat. The lab puppies are so jumpy and may hurt toddlers, so it is advisable to keep the children away from them.

However, Adult silver labs are caring once trained and make good friends for your children. The dog quickly gets along with its owners and also other animals. Silver lab puppies require quality training as they grow up for them to be social and to ensure that they don’t hurt anyone.

Amazing Facts about the Silver Labs

1. They are Friendly and Protective

Silver labs with blue eyes are very friendly. Apart from their friendly nature, they are highly protective of their owners. They are very defensive and can do anything to protect their owners.

2. Silver Labs are a Product of Dilute Gene

According to the scientist, the silver lab is a product of the diluted gene. However, there are some beliefs that the labs are as a result of crossbreed with Weimaraner since they show a lot of similar characteristics.

3. Silver Labs are Highly Trainable and Intelligent

These dogs are straightforward to train since they respond well to reward-based training and positive support. They can be trained to learn simple commands such as down, sit, and paw using food treats. Silver labs are brilliant. Their memory is sharp and doesn’t forget the tricks they learn.

4. Lifespan Ranges from 10 – 15 Years

Silver labs live for ten to fifteen years. They are prone to similar health problems, just like other Labradors. The diluted gene causes an additional health issue which is known as dilution alopecia that leads to itchy skin and thinning and loss of fur. However, this condition is treatable.

5. Silver Labs are Great Swimmers

Silver labs are fantastic swimmers. They are sociable, friendly, and passionate athletes hence suit those with an active lifestyle. These labs have excellent retrieving skills when it comes to swimming. Find a safe water source for the silver lab to enjoy its capabilities.

6. The Size of a Silver Lab

Silver labs weigh around fifty-five to eighty lbs and have a height of between twenty-one to twenty-five inches. An adult silver lab eats between 1650 to 2400 calories in a day based on his daily exercise and weight. Male labs are bigger than females. You should control their diet so that they cannot be overweight.

The lifestyle of a Silver Lab

Feeding and Diet

Silver labs require to be fed with high-quality dry food of an average of one and a quarter cups twice a day. You can mix this with wet food to make it a balanced diet. The meal should consist of about twenty-five percent of protein, and you should avoid feeding it with food containing wheat gluten, rendered fats, or dyes.

Shedding and Grooming

Silver Labs have a double coat which makes them shed fur throughout the year. The shedding often occurs in the fall and spring seasons.

To groom them and maintain healthy skin, you need to brush them a minimum of two times a week frequently. You need to have a vacuum cleaner and a high-quality shedding brush for this purpose. This makes your silver lab look neat and well-groomed.

Exercise Requirements

Silver labs are high energy and enthusiastic dogs which love running and exploring new places. They, therefore, require to exercise by walking for around an hour.

If you have a fenced backyard, the dog will be able to play and run around the compound. These dogs don’t do well in apartments due to lack of enough space for playing.

Silver labs with blue eyes are happy, well-mannered and docile dogs. They are an excellent addition to the family and create a fantastic atmosphere because of their friendly and playful nature. Consider having a silver lab for an adorable, happy and gentle companion.

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