Silver Lab Temperament

Labradors are among the most popular breeds in the U.S.A. They all have amazing temperate and the Silver Lab Temperament is no different. Silver labradors generally look like a typical lab with one major difference: their unusual silver-blue-gray coat color.

Apart from that, silver labrador temperament is just as sweet and loveable as any other lab. Their carefree and friendly nature, along with their high energy and intelligence make silver labs the perfect companion for both humans and other animals. Like every labrador, silver labs are loyal, affectionate, joyful, and extremely well-natured dogs.

Silver Lab Temperament

Excellent Sporting Dogs

Among the most distinctive characteristics of silver labs is undeniably their sporting nature. A silver lab temperament is really athletic and rugged. For this reason, many silver labs are great hunting companions and they actually thrive for adventure and action.

Particularly when they are young, they will require a quite big number of daily exercises and owners should be ready to accustom their needs. Otherwise, if you leave your silver lab alone at home for a long time, you will probably experience some type of destructive behavior, like digging or chewing.

Silver Lab Temperament

Silver lab activities are quite numerous and some of the most popular types of exercises are swimming, hiking, romping at the dog’s park, or just running around your yard.

Joyful, funny and lovable

Undoubtedly, one of the most beloved characteristics of a silver lab’s temperament is its loveable and joyful nature. Labs are in general, happy, fun-loving, and almost goofy dogs. Silver labs are no exception.

They love to play and among their favorite games is running around fetching the tennis ball back at you. Their carefree nature makes them the ideal pet for every type of homeowner and they will definitely cheer you up when you are a bit moody. Bringing a silver lab to your home will definitely fill it with laughter and fun.

Attentive And Trainable

Labradors were originally bred to work, for example as gun dogs. Their positive nature and easy-to-train spirit make them the ideal candidate for a variety of human tasks, and they can quickly learn to act as guardian animals, sniffer dogs, show dogs, or obedience pets.

They are really attentive and they wish to see you happy at all times. Trying to satisfy you is their way of living and although they may not be the most intelligent breed, like Australian shepherds, they are still very smart and they catch on to things pretty fast.


Most silver labs are quite difficult to get annoyed or provoked. They are extremely tolerant creatures and they can be very patient, as well. Even in the case of behaviors they don’t pretty much enjoy, they will rarely get angry or start to complain.

Even if your little kid jumps on them or hugs them stiffly, they will most probably endure it with patience and calm. That doesn’t mean you should let anyone provoke your beloved puppy. After all, not all silver labs share this trait. Some may be more disobedient than others or more impatient.

Good-hearted And Love Families

Having a silver lab into your house and near your family will never pose a problem since this particular breed is very family-friendly.

Particularly if they learn from a young age to live alongside other pets and human beings, including children, silver labs will get on perfectly well with all of them as they grow up.

They are great family pets and for this reason, they are among the most sought-after dogs for families with small children. In general, silver labs are happy to meet new people.

They may bark at someone approaching the door of your house, but in most cases that is just a sign of their joy at seeing a new person.

A silver lab temperament is typically friendly around other animals, including other dog breeds, cats, and even smaller pets, like ferrets or rabbits. However, it is vital that you introduce your lab to them at an early stage.

Silver Lab Temperament

The only problem that arises when you have kids playing around your silver labrador is the dog’s jumping nature.

If your lovely lab has learned to jump on people from a young age, he will definitely continue to do so even when the kids are around.

In each case, if your house includes some toddlers or infirm adults at the time you wish to adopt or purchase a silver lab, you may feel more secure if you go with an adult one.

Adult silver labradors have a more settled temperament and they are normally calmer than a puppy.

Easily Bored And Quite Inquisitive

As mentioned above, silver labs are by nature really energetic and playful animals. That makes them easily bored if they have nothing to do.

Although they are not particularly fussy as a breed, they are still known for their consistent barking when they feel bored. In addition, their inquisitive nature will easily lead those dogs to discover their own ways of being entertained.

Do not get angry if you return home and find your favorite pair of slippers destroyed. Chewing is just a labrador’s effort to spend his time without feeling utterly alone and bored.

Silver labs are quite notorious for getting into mischief when they are left alone. Their love for food is also, quite an issue since silver dogs can easily become obsessed with finding food.

For this reason, owners should never leave easily accessible food, for example on the counter and they should make sure that the trash can has a secure lid.

A silver lab temperament is based on kindness, love, friendliness, and high-energy. Being a prominent sporting breed, silver labs love to exercise a lot and take part in every type of energetic activity.

They are outgoing and sociable creatures, they love to be part of a big family and they are always trying to make their owners happy and proud of them. Overall, their joyful and carefree nature, along with their gentle and kind temperament makes this breed the perfect human companion.

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