4 Worst Factors Affecting The LifeSpan of Golden Retriever

life span of golden retriever

There are several reasons why your Golden retriever will not live to its full life expectancy. In this article, I will share with you some factors that affect the Golden Retrievers’ life cycle.

How long golden retrievers live is dependent on some factors? The lifespan of Golden Retrievers is averagely 10-12 years. Most Golden retrievers don’t live to their maximum age due to some common health problems.

I will address some common factors here to help you understand your Golden retriever lifespan and how to avoid the common mistakes. As an owner, understanding the factors affecting the Golden retriever life span will give you a better chance to know how to take care of him.

Factors Affecting the lifespan of Golden Retrievers

According to a study conducted by the Morris Animal Foundation most golden retriever life span is affected by genetics, environmental factors, health conditions, and the lifestyle of the dog.

Its advice by expects to check the history of the dog breed and the condition of the Golden retriever puppy before buying or adopting. Having this honest history will help you as the owner with wisdom to know how to keep the Golden healthy.

  1. Health Issues
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Environment
  4. Genetics

Common Health Issues that impact the golden retrievers’ lifespan

Cancer is the number one factor that affects the lifespan of golden retrievers. Majority of Golden retrievers die at the age of 9.5 years were 65% of those deaths are cause by cancer.

  1. 70% were reported to have died from neoplasia according to research conducted by NCBI.
  2. Joint problems
  3. Hip dysplasia

If you own a golden you can participate in the ongoing study to help improve the life span of Golden retriever in America. Sign up here.

Golden retrievers are prone to joint problems – elbow and hip dysplasia which is common to most breeds on the retriever family.

This condition develops when the hip/elbow joint develops an abnormality. Also, the knee joint frays and becomes weaker.

Just like other dog breeds, golden retrievers can develop layers of fat on the skin and muscle. Sometimes, the cells can replicate into a serious tumor. Besides that, the dog breed is prone to thyroid disease. This lowers the metabolic rate resulting in intolerance to cold.

It’s worth mentioning that golden retrievers can suffer from conditions that affect the spine, brain, and nerves.

lifespan of golden retrievers

Poor diet and Lifestyle impacts life cycle of goldens

Like any other dog breed, golden retriever life hugely affected by the diet and lifestyle you expose them to. A healthy golden mean and longer lifespan. Taking time to provide the best diet and lifestyle might be your one chance to help improve the lifespan of golden retrievers.

we recommend a healthy dog diet on a daily basis. It’s okay to offer them treats but what is recommended is dog healthy food and adequate exercise. An unhealthy diet on a golden retriever causes inflammation which is not good for the life of your puppy.

Therefore, you should avoid foods that cause too much glucose in the bloodstream. You may want to visit your vet to figure out the number of calories you should give to your golden retriever. See this study for more details.

Exposure To Toxins

the lifespan of golden retriever

Picture this. You’re spraying your lawn with pesticides and then your dog starts playing on the grass. This exposes your canine friend to toxins.

You can also expose your dog to things like household cleaners, tobacco smoke, deodorants, smoke retardants, etc.

Boast the lifespan of golden retriever lifespan

Back in the old days, the golden retriever lived for about 17 years. But even with access to better healthcare, these dogs are still dying young.

While you may not accept that your dog will not be around forever, there’re steps you can take to extend the lifespan.

Great nutrition

Feeding your dog with the right diet is a step towards giving it a longer lifespan. Think about it – you don’t expect your golden to eat unhealthy food and live that long.

Golden retriever need lots of food to fuel their active life. Because the majority of food is made up of meats, you may want to talk to your vet on how to choose a high-quality diet.

There’re also many supplements out there that contain glucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids, and chondroitin which helps to reduce inflammation.

Neutering and spraying

Spraying your dog can help it live 2-3 years longer. That way, you don’t have to worry that your female dog will get mammary cancer or the male dog will get testicular cancer.

With neutering, you can be sure your dog won’t run away from home to explore the dating options. Find the bets neutering accessory products on Amazon.

Golden Retriever life span

Exercise and training

If you’re looking for an ideal companion to the park, the golden retriever should be your best bet. Whether it’s running, swimming, or chasing, these dogs will have a lot of energy to burst outdoors.

You’ll be surprised that a lack of energy can make the dog engage in destructive behaviors. Regular exercise reduces the chances of developing weight-related issues and joint problems.

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lifespan of golden retriever

A golden retriever also relishes human interaction. It will respond well to any training method. If you want to keep your dog stimulated physically and mentally, you can try different training methods.

Limit stress

When a golden retriever is stressed, it becomes vulnerable to chronic diseases. That being said, you should address any condition that keeps your dog unhappy.

Pay close attention to bullying from other dogs and make sure it doesn’t feel lonely. And don’t leave it outside because it may feel excluded from the family.

Regular grooming

life span of golden retriever

Golden retrievers have double coats (a water-repellent top coat and thick undercoat). Since the coat is prone to shedding, you can use a shedding tool to thin the undercoat.

This dog breed loves water, so you’ll have no problem bathing it fairly often. On the other hand, you can apply sunscreen on sunny days to protect their light-colored fur. This keeps skin cancer at bay.

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Final thoughts: Lifespan of Golden Retriever

If you want to increase the lifespan of golden retriever make sure you take good care of them. It is advisable to take your golden retriever to a vet at least once or twice a year. Work with your vet to help manage and prevent these common issues that might affect the lifespan of the golden retriever.

Your goal is to keep your Golden retriever healthy so it can stay alive longer.

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