Silver Labrador Shed

14 Reasons Why Silver Labrador Shed A lot

Silver lab shed is a concern of many owners. The shiny coat colour can fade and even turn yellow after some time. But why does silver labrador shed? Does it happen due to some health issues or is there any other reason behind this shedding problem?

If the dog is in good condition, healthy and its coat is shiny as ever, it is not due to any health issues. The most important fact that should be remembered here: dogs are creatures of habit and they stick to certain patterns. As a specially trained breed for hunting purposes, the silver labrador usually needs more work than other breeds thus it provides additional exercise for them making their coats look better.

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For example, if you have no time for your dog or do not go on long walks with him regularly every day, he will feel bored which can cause excessive shedding especially when seasons change bringing winter days with fewer daylight hours. And since this special breed does not like being confined, they prefer working hard till exhaustion so they would get rid of excess energy.

There are few factors that can be considered as the reasons for silver Labrador shedding. Some of them are discussed below:


Silver labs have a tendency of being overweight when they reach adulthood and overweight dogs shed more due to the extra fat under their skin. So if you are planning on having a silver lab retriever as a pet, it is best that you set up some time for regular walks and make sure your dog gets enough exercise. This not only helps in keeping them fit but also reduces shedding to normal levels.

Excessive brushing:

Try to keep the hair on your dog’s coat long by avoiding regular brushing or else you’ll face serious problems with its shedding. The natural oils produced by the skin are useful for keeping its fur shiny and soft but if these oils get washed off, it can cause serious damage to hair follicles resulting in dry silver labrador shedding. It’s better to wash your dog’s coat only when it gets dirty and never use soap on it because the chemicals present in soap can strip away all the natural oils from his body causing silver labrador shedding as a result.


Also, aging can be considered as another reason for silver Labrador shedding since they start losing their natural oils gradually when they reach adulthood which results in unpleasant looks of yellowish or white color on their coat. So regular brushing and bathing will help you keep the loose hair in control but there is no permanent solution for silver labrador shedding due to aging at least as of now.


 Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, puberty, or seasonal variations have been identified as causes of silver Labrador shedding. Therefore if your dog seems to be putting on weight around his abdomen it could be possible that he’s pregnant.

Excessive heat:

It’s better not to let your dog stay in hot areas for a long time since heat exposure can cause major damages to its body including skin, eyes, etc. which results in silver labrador shedding down from its coat making it look dull and lifeless. So try not to expose your pet too much under direct sunlight or else you’ll face serious problems with his coat coloration and health issues might arise causing silver Labrador to shed too soon than expected.


If you have bought the puppy from parents having a yellowish or white color for their coats, then the probability of its coat fading away is high in this case. So try to pick a puppy from parents having healthy and shiny coats.


Some diseases can also be considered as silver Labrador shedding causes since they trigger certain reactions from his body eventually leading it to shed hair more than usual under stress. You should regularly visit your vet if you want to avoid such problems and keep your dog’s coat looking healthy all the time. The good news is that there are many remedies available both online including medications and homemade recipes which will help you reduce silver labrador shedding to great extent within a short period of time. Just keep visiting for more information about silver labrador shedding and its remedies.


The excessive shedding can also be due to stress which is a major concern for pets as it causes them to shed excessively down from their coats which make them look dull, lifeless and very unattractive. It’s best that you spend some time with your silver Labrador retriever on a regular basis so that he does not feel lonely or bored when you are away from home since this makes him anxious. He may try to destroy things around like chewing up shoes, furniture or even destroy his own body tissues especially the skin in an attempt of relieving the anxiety caused by loneliness.

Also making him take part in different activities on regular basis will help reduce his stress and lower the silver Labrador shedding.

Regular Brushing:

It’s better to keep his hair short by regularly brushing them using a rubber brush or stick so that oil from the skin reaches his hair providing its natural shine and softness. So try to brush him regularly in order to reduce the silver labrador shedding down from his coat.


Food allergies may also be another reason for silver Labrador shedding so it’s best that you change its food on regular basis in order to avoid such problems from occurring. It’s always good to have a vet examine your dog at least once every year and check whether the silver labrador shedding is due to any allergies or not. So try to keep your pet healthy by feeding him with high-quality food containing nutrients from all corners of the world even if it costs you a little more money compared to ordinary brands available in the market. Also, keep it away from other pets because there are chances that he develops allergies to certain kinds of foods which may lead to silver labrador shedding too soon than expected.


Sometimes infections can be behind Silver Lab Retriever Shedding problems so your pet must visit a veterinarian if it shows unusual behavior such as excessive licking or scratching of certain areas on its body which could cause inflammation, pain, odor, and other symptoms due to infection. You’ll see regular shedding starting after some time when the infected area starts healing. Visit your vet regularly in order to avoid infections and keep your silver Labrador Retriever healthy.

Change in Season:

Another reason for silver labrador shedding is Weather Change which affects his coat coloration as well as other body organs like eyes, skin, etc causing heavy shedding down from his coat. You must visit him regularly on regular basis when there is a change in weather so that you can help it cope up with sudden changes occurring due to weather conditions. Dryness and change in weather can also cause his skin to get cracked and peel off which makes him uncomfortable leading it to shed hair.

Lack of Exercise:

Excessive laziness is also a reason for silver labrador shedding since he won’t have enough energy left in order to grow long thick hairs all over his body when there is too much fat accumulated around his vital organs due to excessive eating or sitting idle for longer periods of time. You must take your dog out on regular basis at least once a day even if it’s just for 30 minutes so that he exercises regularly without feeling bored or lonely while you are away from home. Also, play with him, run or walk with him whenever possible because this will improve the bond between human and dog which in turn reduces the anxiety and stress of the dog which is a major cause for silver labrador shedding down.


Sometimes ticks are responsible for silver labrador shedding so try to keep an eye on your pet while it’s walking or exercising outside to avoid any problems from occurring later on. It’s better that you do not use any type of chemical sprays because this may damage the skin making his coat dull and dead leading him to shed hair more frequently than expected when he feels irritated in order to relieve himself from such conditions. There are other organic ways available like peppermint oil, lemon juice, etc that help repel ticks easily and effectively without causing harm in the process but remember never use products with a high concentration of chemicals as this may have adverse side effects on your dog’s body.

Tips To Prevent Shedding

Silver Labrador Retrievers have a double coat. The outercoat is long and coarse, while the undercoat is soft, thick, and short.

The undercoat usually does not shed in large quantities until the change of seasons. This happens when natural daylight increases. It acts as a trigger that stimulates air circulation within the coat of your silver lab dog, leading to an increased shedding process during springtime.

  • Brush Your Dog Regularly & Frequently At Least Twice A Week; Weekly Is Even Better!

That’s the first thing you need to do when your silver lab starts shedding season. Brush away excess hair and dander from the outer coat before it becomes airborne by vacuuming or sweeping.

Frequent brushing will also help reduce loose fur on upholstery, clothes, and carpets too!

  • Undercoat Raking & Sweeping Gets Rid Of Shedding Hair

If you want to know how to get rid of a lot of dead hair without dealing with constant shedding during springtime, this is an effective technique: run your hand over your dog’s rear end while they are lying down face-up – this should lift up the undercoat exposing the dead hair beneath. Now use a rubber curry brush (or other stiff grooming brush) to rake the dead hair out.

  • Excessive Shedding – When To Be Concerned

If your silver lab is shedding excessively, there may be something wrong with their health or diet that needs addressing urgently. Check for signs of loose stool on the floor and consult a vet immediately if you see any!

  • In short, excessive shedding from your silver lab retriever can mean one of two things: a seasonal coat change or an underlying illness. Speak to a vet to get them checked out just in-case it’s related to something more serious than normal dog shedding.

Silver Lab Retriever Grooming Tips For Shedding Seasons

Grooming a silver labrador retriever’s coat is a lengthy process for sure. However, if you follow these tips you should be able to manage it pretty easily:

  1. Brush your dog as often as possible when they are shedding. I recommend at least twice a week. Make it a regular habit and soon enough grooming will become second nature like the brushing of teeth or taking out the trash!
  2. (remember to brush away fur from upholstery, clothes and carpets too!) Use rubber curry brushes also known as de-shedding tools (picture above), this will help loosen any dead hair and remove it all in one go – that’s why they call them “de-shedding” tools! They cost only a few dollars so try a couple until you find one that works best for your silver lab.
  3. Shop here : Labrador Coat Rake For Shedding – Another good tool for removing dead hair is the FURminator – it’s a very popular dog grooming brush and can be used on various different coated dogs. It removes loose hair better than a regular rubber curry brush or typical shedding blade. I’ve seen these tools work well in mint condition, but also all covered in fur!


As we conclude this article about siver labs shedding, I hope you’ve gained some valuable information about the silver lab shedding process along with what may be causing it, and how to manage it.