Why Should You Choose Hornworms For Your Pet Reptile

Your pet reptile would be introduced to many insects to end their hunger if they lived in the wild.

So if you’re keeping them in your home, it’s your responsibility to give them the same kind of food items they would get in the wild to keep them healthy.

Now you may ask, among all the other insects, why should you choose hornworms for your pet reptile? You should choose hornworms for your pet reptile because hornworms are known to be the “magic trick” to end a reptile’s hunger strike.

Other than this one, there are some other vital reasons, and I will articulate all those reasons so you can get the perfect answer to your question.

1. Good For Digestion:

Because of having a soft exoskeleton, Horn worms are very easy to swallow for reptiles. Your pet reptile will imbibe without any difficulties, as hornworms are easy to digest, especially baby reptiles who find it difficult to consume hard foods.

After consuming hornworms, your pet reptile will have fewer chances of having constipation.

2. Slow Pace:

Hornworms have a slow pace which is perfect for your pet reptile to catch because sometimes they like to hunt down their own food from nature to consume. Letting your pet hunt their own food is excellent for their growth.

3. Consists Of High Moisture:

There’s no other food you can give your pet reptile that contains more moisture than hornworms. They can be a great source of hydration for reptiles as they have about 85% high moisture content.

4. Alluring Color:

Hornworms’ alluring bright green color attracts your pet reptile very much. Reptiles are usually very picky eaters, but hornworms stimulate them because of their color because reptiles love to eat food that is green in color.

5. Low Fat:

Foods that contain low fat are good news for your pet reptile. Hornworms consist of very low fat. The amount is only 3 per cent. Consuming hornworms will make your reptile pet healthy because of their low-fat content.

6. Good Source Of Calcium:

Hornworms can provide your reptile pets with 46.4 mg of calcium, which is essential for their growth. Also, it is more than any other insect feeder can provide. Feeding high amounts of calcium will help your pet reptile to grow strong and healthy.

7. Quick Growth:

Hornworms are known to get amplified in size faster than any other insects. You can feed them to both grown-up and baby reptile pets. They can grow up more quickly in warm temperatures. You’ll be astonished to know they can grow 1000 times their original size in just two weeks.


You must choose the correct food item to feed your pet reptile so it can grow quickly and stay healthy. Your reptile pets will live better if you choose the proper diet for them.

Various insects can be a fitting food item for your pet reptile. But you must select insects that have more food value and are more convenient for your reptile pet to consume.

Hornworms are one of the most salubrious insects for your pet reptile. So, it would be best to consider adding them to your reptile pet’s diet.

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